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People and companies also have different styles of relating. But do we really want to run our organization through control and authority? Getting Results Without Authority New Rules of Organisational Influence.

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But only by practicing the behaviors in a safe environment, where you can count on receiving honest feedback, will you truly develop those influence muscles.

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When you hear yourself sending a mixed message, acknowledge it verbally and explain it to your listeners.

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But surely I rather enjoy being encouraged and inspired to action by someone who respects me, encourages my efforts and makes me feel good.

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Management skills this influence without direct authority over. Jim found the greater purpose to being an accountant, and used that to inspire belief in the importance of it.

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But to do that, we need to speak their language. It is also the realistic choice to make in the many situations we encounter in which we need to get things done through other people over whom we have no legitimate power.

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Start with the basics then take your influence skills further. HeÕs also saying to me, ÒYou have to sell this to the area CEOs and convince themthat it is worth investing in.


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