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Agarose Gel Preparation Protocol

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This will ensure that the same colony can be retested if necessary.

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The key to separating DNA molecules is that larger molecules are more strongly impeded by the gel than smaller molecules.

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Turn the power off, remove the lid and gel, and photograph the gel on a transilluminator.

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We will be using agarose gel electrophoresis to determine the presence and size of PCR products.

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DNA molecules have a negative charge so they will flow from the negative pole to the positive pole of the field. Amido black gel. Dispose of tips used for ethidium bromide in designated waste container. You can adjust until the gel preparation protocol includes the door. Observe the tiny bubbles that form along the platinum electrodes. Gel electrophoresis article Khan Academy.


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The centrifugation forces and time could be reduced or increased to appropriate level based on the sample type. Tip: Run to red! It is known that CBB is more sensitive to detect the proteins on the gel. Place the electrodes into the gel box with the long ends on the same side. Switch on the Transilluminator.

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Appropriate DNA molecular weight markers should be included.

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We usually run an agarose gel until the dye has migrated about halfway from the wells to the end of the gel. Transfer an appropriate amount of each sample to a fresh microfuge tube. When using this protocol the granular dyes should be made up in the.

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Activity 2 Gel Electrophoresis of Dyes.

UV range, the amount of DNA present can be estimated from the intensity of ethidium bromide fluorescence. RNA gel protocol. The resolution of large DNA fragments however is lower at high voltage. Larger or smaller volumes maybe used for different sized containers. The addition of the salt should be able to remove histons from DNA.

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