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Are machines regularly cleaned and maintained? These jobs can be hazardous, as they pose both physical safety and individual health risks. If used horizontally, they must be secured horizontally.

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Is the respirator free of damage? Air driven at the paint shop safety checklist. Stairways are in good condition with handrails in place and treads in good condition? Make it is the confined space entry is continually analyzed to paint shop safety checklist on the area office for approval to. Keep air hoses free of grease and oil to prevent deterioration.

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Safety and health activities. NOTE: Filing a complaint with the SBA Ombudsman does not affect any obligation that you may have to comply with an OSHA citation or other enforcement action. To access and review your comprehensive Campus or Departmental IIPP.

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If your grinder does not have a water pot, place a container of water near the grinder to cool the piece you are grinding.

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